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Fred Samorodin, RPT: New clients/patients are always welcome! Why bother? Because if your previous therapy results don't last, maybe it is because the therapy is not "INTEGRATED"! Ours is!

To arrange for an intregrated physiotherapy session, please respond with your email address to
  1. Let Fred Samorodin, Physiotherapist know what day of the week you prefer your appointment.
  2. Let Fred Samorodin, Physiotherapist know your preference for a morning or afternoon session.
  3. Let Fred Samorodin, Physiotherapist know what is your main complaint and will confirm your appointment with a return email to yourself.
  4. SAVE TIME fill in an INTAKE FORM from the clinic website WWW.INTEGRATEDPHYSIO.COM
Thank you for planning ahead!

Regardless where your pain problem is, gentle, hands-on  INTEGRATED PHYSIOTHERAPY can help! Contact Fred Samorodin, Registered Physiotherapist  604-732-6323
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